AVP USCM Multipart Marines

AVP USCM Multipart Marines

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The duty of the Colonial Marine Corps is quite simple; they are expected to maintain security for the United
Americas and all off-world colonies that fall under the United America’s control.
This involves being the vanguard of any major combat operation, and quite often minor ones too. Fundamentally, when there is a crisis, the Colonial Marines are the first port of call.

Every platoon of Colonial Marines is a balanced force of combat, at its best consisting of 25 members including
2 Synthetics. It is usually asking a bit much to see a full fighting force of Colonial Marines, a concept hindered by
the more fundamental concept of constant combat readiness. Every formation of Colonial Marines is a band of
brothers, usually led by an officer. It is also held together by close bonds formed during extreme combat training
exercises and strength of character. This comradeship can be seen in not only the way they fight together, but
also in the graffiti adorning every soldier’s multi-cam combat gear.

These miniatures are split into multiple parts to give you greater customisation for your marine army!

Box contains:

  • 5x USCM Multipart Marines
  • 5x plastic base
  • 5x ping tokens
  • 5x stat cards

Please note: Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.