Batman 4 Puzzles

Batman 4 Puzzles

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The Batman 4 in 1 jigsaw puzzle box set includes a collection of four brightly coloured and highly detailed images that show a range of famous characters from the popular Superhero animation.

The four jigsaw puzzles in the box increase in piece count - this has been deliberately done to help encourage, and develop young children's skills whilst attempting more challenging piece counts.

Inside the box you will find a 35, 50, 70 and 100 piece jigsaw puzzle. The 35 piece puzzle features Batman flying into action against his arch nemeses The Joker. The 50 piece jigsaw puzzle illustrates Batman tackling the smart-witted Penguin with the Batmobile soaring through the air. The 70 piece jigsaw puzzle is full of colour and the Batmobile and the Jokers car colliding in the centre of Gotham City whilst Robin swoops in to the rescue. And the final and largest piece puzzle in the box is a 100 piece and shows our masked hero's Batman and Robin ready for battle and save Gotham City.

All the finished jigsaw puzzles measure 23 x 16cm (approximately) when complete and have been produced using a high quality cardboard to ensure that every piece of the puzzle maintains its original shape time and time again. These four jigsaw puzzles are recommended for children aged 4 and above due to the larger piece counts that increase as children progress through the box.

Puzzling is a great way to help children develop their early problem solving, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills from a young age while having fun.

Box Contains

1 x 35 piece Jigsaw Puzzle
1 x 50 piece Jigsaw Puzzle
1 x 70 piece Jigsaw Puzzle
1 x 100 piece Jigsaw Puzzle.

Ages: 4+