Beyond the Gates of Antares Boromite Lavamites

Beyond the Gates of Antares Boromite Lavamites

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Beyond the Gates of Antares is Warlord Games new science-fiction setting and game.

The Boromites are a sinister power hidden amongst civilized societies, dangerous and insular, distrustful of those outside their close-knight Labour Guilds.  Their gnarled armored skin and great physical endurance was genetically engineered thousands of years ago to create a race of tough asteroids miners insensitive to extremes of temperature and brutally strong.  Today they form an itinerant work force, homeless wanderers and hardened warriors loyal only to their own kind.

As humanity spread rampant across all of Antarean space, colonies arose upon a vast variety of worlds - each uniquely dissimilar to Earth. Over generations, these isolated populations evolved to suit their situation - breathing alien atmospheres, enduring unimaginable pressures and gravities. In many cases, these evolutionary advancements were artificially accelerated by geneticists  - giving a vast array of types, sizes, shapes, and colours of humans across Antarean space...

The Boromites were bred as a specialised workforce - adapted to handle incredibly difficult and dangerous tasks in hostile environments. Though they are naturally a itinerant and insular species, they will take up arms if attacked or wronged - using adapted forms of their work tools to defend their own.

Lavamites are ferocious and extremely dangerous, but are best controlled by a Boromite handler and his lectro lash!

1 handler, 3 lavamites. Multi- part metal figures, integral bases.   28mm scale.

Pack contains four Boromites.  Miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly.  Figures are about 1/2" to 1 1/4" to top of head.