Konflikt 47 British Cromwell-T

Konflikt 47 British Cromwell-T

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With the US perfecting the Tesla cannon in late 1944, the British trialled the early versions of the weapon in a modified Cromwell cruise tank turret. The results were deemed highly favourable and a Cromwell-T variant was commissioned in early 1945. The aim was to add a Cromwell-T tank to every Cromwell-equipped tank troop in the same way as the Sherman Firefly gun tank.

Production has struggled to match ambition however so not all tank regiments have been so equipped as the war moves into 1947. Other regiments have found pooling the Cromwell-T tanks into troops more effective on the battlefield, particularly when supporting infantry formations with independent squadrons. In combined operations the presence of Cromwell-T tanks is welcomed by infantry who have come to respect the impact of the Tesla cannon on dug-in infantry and its ability to deal with heavier armoured vehicles that would otherwise threaten the infantry.

Like the Sherman-T, the reliable Cromwell chassis works well with the weight of the capacitors and energy generators required for the Tesla cannon and the crew benefit from all of the Cromwell’s advantages with regards mobility and speed. The weapon system has proved highly reliable and the lack of maintenance it requires is a welcome respite for the tank crews, even if the crew compartment is prone to occasional bursts of static electricity that disrupt the communications.

The Cromwell’s manoeuvrability and agility are key to its survival against heavier armoured threats, but also allow them to obtain favourable shooting engagements against slower and heavier tanks.

British Cromwell-T medium tank is armed with one turret-mounted M17 Tesla Cannon and one forward-facing hull-mounted MMG.


  • 1x British Cromwell-T Medium Tank
  • Full-colour Waterslide British Army
  • Construction Leaflet