Commands & Colours Medieval

Commands & Colours Medieval

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Commands & Colors Medieval is a war game based on the Commands & Colors (C&C) game system designed by Richard Borg.

The system is recognisable for utilising battle dice and a shared deck of command cards. The battle dice enable combat to be resolved efficiently. The command cards form the game engine, driving movement and providing orders for Units. They also serve to create a fog of war effect which add to the realism. Games utilising the C&C system also have a game board that is a hex grid. This grid is divided into three sections: Left flank, Centre, and Right flank.

C&C Medieval overlays this system with game concepts inspired by the era in which it is set. Aside from providing new challenges to veteran players, it adds historical depth to the game.

The base game focuses on confrontations between Byzantine & Forces and those of the Sassanid Persions between 528 – 586 AD. However, early scenarios instead showcase battles between the Roman Empire and the Huns, from 447 – 451 AD.

The game comes with eight Battle dice and 65 Command cards, which will drive movement and combat. There are also 45 double-sided terrain tiles which players will use to enhance the battlefield.

Units are represented by 330 wooden blocks, to which illustrated stickers can be attached. There are three types of block included: Small squares (148) for Infantry, bigger squares (168) for Cavalry and rectangular blocks (14) for Leaders. Blocks representing Byzantine/Roman Empire units are Purple, those representing Sassanid Persians/Hun units are Tan.

Player Count: 2+
Time: 60+ minutes
Age: 14+