Dice Bag: Hammer Black Glow in the Dark

Dice Bag: Hammer Black Glow in the Dark

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Hammer Black & Glow-in-the-dark Dice Bag

The dwarves are masters in many crafts, even in making the best dice bags ever. This project was consulted with folk from one of the last dwarven clans of North. Even in Scandinavia are few of them and they work only with the best. We have put a lot of time into convincing them to work with us. This is an elegant black model of our dice bags from dwarven series, with a sophisticated glow-in-the-dark print of hammer.

Material for this bag comes from the coat of a dwarf who with his hammer carved the stone dice from the rocks of Mysterious Black Mountains. He worked in a deep cave, where the true magic of Mother Earth still existed. None of these powerful dice remained until today. There is only this bag.

Material: cotton

Dice Bag dimensions:

Approx. 11cm (4.34”) x 12cm (4.72”) x 0.5cm

Capacity: 35 and more dice

The dimensions are approximate.