Force Of Will Valentina, The Princess Of Love Starter Deck

Force Of Will Valentina, The Princess Of Love Starter Deck

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Force Of Will TCG Valentina, the Princess of Love Starter Deck (Water)

New players can start FOW from the following starter decks! These decks are especially for new players. 

  • This product is best for garnering new players and is not designed for veteran players. Existing player may buy these products freely, but these are meant for new players to buy. They are designed so those interested in starting Force of Will may do so easily and quickly
  • A mix of “The Seven Kings of the Lands” and “The Twilight Wanderer” cards((No exclusive cards). The card make up of the decks is primarily from “The Seven Kings of the Lands”. Without starter exclusive cards existing players will not be tempted to buy them up and deny them to new players.
  • There are no “The Twilight Wanderer” SR Cards or Ruler cards in these products. These decks will promote the sales of “The Twilight Wanderer”. New players will be inspired to enjoy both these decks and “The Twilight Wanderer” together.
  • Key cards from “Faria, the Sacred Queen and Melgis, the Flame King” are not reprinted in these products. These products will support the sales of “Faria, the Sacred Queen and Melgis, the Flame King”. The chance to garner new player interest will also increase.
  • Please check to ensure the following materials are enclosed in each deck.

 All 5 types of decks include:

  • Ruler card, a main deck of 40 cards、a magic stone deck of 10 cards
  • All cards are a normal type print.
  • A quick manual, manual, and playsheet are also included