Guild Ball Hunters Guild Starter Set

Guild Ball Hunters Guild Starter Set

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The Hunters are patient. They silently watch and wait until the perfect time to pounce. When they strike, it is with swift decisiveness and devastating results, before slipping back into the shadows.

Extraordinarily mobile and with dangerous ranged threat on both life and goal, the Hunters excel at controlling the flow of the game and piling pressure on their opponents.

The Hunters make the Guild Ball pitch a dangerous place to play. Traps and pitfalls snare unwary opponents, leaving them vulnerable and exposed to a swift knife-cut to finish them off. Lacking remorse or compassion, their opponents are only prey after all; the Hunters bring a wild new playstyle to the worlds of Guild Ball.

This box contains a full Hunters Guild Team and is all you need to start stalking your way to Guild Ball glory and fame.