Love 2 Hate

Love 2 Hate

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Love 2 Hate is the card game of finishing sentences (and laughing at the result!). The rules couldn't be simpler.

There are two types of cards, sentence starters and finishers. At the start of the game everyone draws a hand of 5 finishers. Players then take it in turns to act as the judge. A judge draws the top starter card. Example starters include Cosplayers, Moist Towelettes, Crabs, and Mimes.

Then the judge has a decision to make: love or hate?! Let’s say the judge draws the Hippies card. That can be played one of two ways:

I love the way hippies…


I hate the way hippies…

The remaining players now look through their finisher cards and chose one to play, face down. The judge reads these aloud and then chooses the best one. What does best mean? That’s up to the judge, so know your fellow gamers! It might be the funniest, craziest, or most outrageous, depending on the judge, so choose wisely!

The winner keeps the card and play continues until one player gets 5 cards.