Monolith Deck Case Petrol

Monolith Deck Case Petrol

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Durable and solid deck box with soft touch finishing and dice compartment for the protection and archival safe storage of more than 100 double-sleeved cards in standard size (e.g. Magic the Gathering™, Pokemon™ and others).

Optimized for 100 double-sleeved cards
Holds up to 100 double-sleeved cards or 120+ single-sleeved cards, standard size

Symmetrical structure
Symmetrical structure, providing both secure closure and easy opening

Optimized shape
Cover has same size and shape as middle section. Cover can be used as a second card holder when opened

Durable rigid box
Durable, solid material with soft touch finishing

Removable Compartment
Removable dice and accessories compartment

Easy opening
Easy card access by just tilting the cover