1-48 Tactic: Heavy Weapon & Vehicle Rules

1-48 Tactic: Heavy Weapon & Vehicle Rules

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This supplement covers all the rules required for introducing heavy weapons and vehicles in your games. Covers Hard and Soft targets, HE, AP and HEAT shells, Heavy MG, rifle grenades, bazooka and other man-portable AT weapons, mines, incendiary and explosives, upgrade cards and much more! You will also find included stat cards and profiles for many of the vehicles and weapons most commonly used during the “Battle of the Bulge”.

  • 64 Pages
  • full Colour
  • Softcover
  • Saddlestitch
  • Including 20+ Vehicles and Heavy Weapons
  • Stat Cards
  • Quick Reference sheet
  • High Quality 135 G/M2 Paper

Please Note:

  • One copy of 1-48 TACTIC Vehicle Rulebook Achtung Panzer supplied in English.
  • A copy 1-48TACTIC core rules are also required to play with ACHTUNG PANZER!