221B Baker Street Expansion Pack

221B Baker Street Expansion Pack

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Dust off your deerstalker and dive into 50 new Sherlock Holmes cases!
This game is an expansion pack for the best-selling game, 221b Baker Street. Having sold out every Christmas since its re-release in 2014, the Sherlock Holmes inspired game encourages players to roam the streets of London in a search of clues to solve a mysterious case. Presented in a smart burgundy box that sits handsomely besides its counterpart, the expansion pack includes 50 brand new cases that are just waiting to be solved.


Contains 50 case cards, solutions checklist, clues and solutions booklet, 1 collectible metal playing piece.

Please note this is an expansion you will need a copy of the original 221B Baker Street Game to play.

Players: 2-6

Ages: 10+