3 Christmas Puzzles Look Closely

3 Christmas Puzzles Look Closely

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Jumbo Playlab - a world full of cute characters and fun challenges. We created the world of Jumbo Playlab together with parents, grandparents and, of course, children. The games are fun to play and really give children aged three and above something fun to do whilst developing new skills along the way.

The jigsaw puzzles are progressive in piece count to help children develop their early problem solving and fine motor skills from a young age while having fun. Inside the box there is a 16, 24 and 35 piece jigsaw puzzle and all three of them measure 27 x 18cm when complete, which make them ideal for children aged 3 and over.

The 16 piece jigsaw puzzle shows Santa Claus sitting in an arm chair enjoying a mince pie that has been left out for him and Rudolf nibbling on a delicious carrot. The 24 piece jigsaw puzzle shows Santa and his elves busy making and wrapping all the lucky children's presents that he will later deliver to them. The third, and final jigsaw puzzle, illustrates Santa carrying his bag of presents and lowering himself down a snowy chimney to deliver the presents as his reindeers watch him.

All the jigsaw pieces have been produced using a high quality cardboard to ensure that each piece maintains its original shape for as long as possible, so your child can enjoy piecing together their favourite character time and time again. Using Jumbo's precision cutting techniques and finishing, your completed puzzle will look like a poster - the quality is that good.

Ages: 3+