Batman: Giant Playing Cards

Batman: Giant Playing Cards

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The Batman Giant Playing Cards include 36 highly detailed and over-sized picture playing cards that feature Batman, Robin, The Joker, The Penguin, Nightwing, Two face, Mr Freeze, The Riddler and Killer Croc from the popular children's television programme.

Each card has a different character from the show printed on it, along with their name so that children can learn all the different characters whilst playing. The cards have been specially designed to be brightly coloured and detail a number - but only one game (The Joker!) requires children to be able to count from 1-9 and know the different values of these numbers. But you can easily tailor this game to not focus on the numbers and more on the characters.

There are four different games that children can play using the over-sized picture playing cards; 'Go Combat!' is a game where each player is dealt five cards and the rest are placed face down. On your turn, ask a player for a specific card - but you must hold at least one of these same cards. If they do have matching cards, then they must hand them to you - but if they don't, then they say "Go Combat!" and you take a card from the pile. This then continues for each player as you take it in turns. The winner is the player to have the most complete character sets of cards.

'Dark Knight' is a game where each player has one card for each round and the aim is to have the highest ranked card, based on the number, once everyone has had a chance to swap cards. If you have the lowest card at the end of the round you will lose a life - the player to survive all the rounds and still have a life at the end is the winner. It's like 'Chase the Ace'.

'Gotham City Crews' is about players looking match a complete 'Crew' of the same card after each player nominates what 'Crews' they want to match and then ask their opponents for their choice of card. Whoever has the most completed crews at the end wins.

The final game for children to play is called 'The Joker!' and is a game where you remove 3 of the 4 Joker cards from the pack. Players remove all their pairs and then play with the remaining cards. The idea is to collect all the pairs you can until there is only one card left, this card should be the Joker card. The player left with this card loses the game.

Included in the pack is an instruction card to help you explain the rules to children and for them to look at when ready.

Ages: 3+