Cult of the Death Knight Escape the Dark

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Welcome prisoner, to a new era of The Dark Castle. The Death Knight himself, legendary swordsman and the one they call ‘Lord of Decay’, has risen to prominence. The weak and the mindless flock to his banner, twisted by his dark influence into powerful, feral fanatics. They say he sends curses to crawl into the souls of the weary. Beware the curses, prisoner. Beware the Death Knight…

This expansion for Escape the Dark Castle includes:

  • 3 new characters & their custom dice - each a powerful specialist
  • 15 new chapter cards – taking you to new areas of The Dark Castle
  • 1 new boss card – the Death Knight himself, Lord of Decay
  • 5 new item cards – introducing Curses, terrible afflictions to thwart your progress

A copy of Escape the Dark Castle is required to use this expansion.