Darkness Comes Rattling

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Something is about to go bump in the night, will you survive the dangers in the dark, are you strong enough? Darkness Comes Rattling is where you take on the roles of mighty warriors in an awesome cooperative board game from Wyrd Miniatures. 2-6 players work together as a team, following the story of the Tribes of Man in their quest to save the world from corruption and Darkness. Each player will guide a mighty warrior and traverse a world of shadows, spirits and other dangers as they combat the coming night.

Using unique abilities each player will bring key skills to the game, allowing for a varied experience each time you play, and easily adjustable difficulty levels keep veterans coming back for more. There is even a single player mode with a minor variant, allowing the game to be enjoyed solo.

features stunning art, solid rules, and a challenge for your tabletop game night, Darkness Comes Rattling is a fantastic co-op game for you and all your friends and is sure to leave you wanting to play again and again.

Will you make the ultimate sacrifice for your team mates? Will do enough to become the mightiest of heroes and be able to fight off evil all around you? Do you have what it takes to face the Darkness? 

Players: 2-6

Ages: 13+

Playing Time: 60-120 Minutes