Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game

Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game

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Detective: A Modern Crime Game will have you working just like a real detective as you attempt to solve five very different but carefully interlinked cases that will lead you to either a shocking conclusion, or aimlessly down a twisting rabbit hole.

Detective: A Modern Crime Game (Portal Games) is a brilliant new concept on the crime game genre, encouraging players to break the fourth wall and use every resource they can get their hands on to help solve each case included with the game.

Using an innovative online web-portal, players will join the Antares National Investigation Agency and work to piece together evidence and information gathered from crime scenes, items and persons of interest. The web app will allow you to match fingerprints, follow leads and clue yourself up on interviews with victims and suspects. It is also actively encouraged and almost vital that notes are made throughout, as information and evidence will come from all sides and it is up to you to filter it and ensure you are following the most constructive leads!

This story rich game will test your detective skills with the five included cases and while they may seem completely unconnected at first, your detective skills should soon find a link that joins them together and pieces together a bigger picture. The inclusion of the online element has made this puzzle-solving detective game a unique
entry into the crime genre.

Suitable for 1-5 players, this will keep you busy for hours as you take on the role of real detective and attempt to solve the cases and find that hidden link! So, don your Deerstalker, grab your pipe and prepare to become a modern day Sherlock Holmes!

Players: 1-5

Ages: 16+

Playing Time: 120-180 Minutes