Dice Masters: Tomb of Annihilation Draft Box

Dice Masters: Tomb of Annihilation Draft Box

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Dungeons & Dragons Dice Masters Tomb of Annihilation set introduces a new pack configuration to WizKids’ globally successful dice game that will make it even easier for players to draft! Featuring the proprietary Dice Building Game platform developed by Mike Elliott and Eric M. Lang, this new pack format is also fully compatible with all of the other Dice Masters sets that fans recognize and love.

In Dungeons & Dragons Dice Masters: Tomb of Annihilation, players will be able to collect a party of heroes or a horde of monsters to pit against their opponents.

In addition to the cards and dice players would recognize from the Tomb of Annihilation Campaign, players will also recognize threats from Curse of Strahd, the Player’s Handbook, and the Monster Manual.

Get two or more players, one draft pack for each, their basic action dice and sidekicks available from any Dice Masters starter and you’re ready for a whole new draft experience! Each display contains 8 Draft Packs. Draft Packs are meant to be played with the two existing Dungeons & Dragons Dice Masters Starter Sets, Battle for Faerûn (SKU: 71787) and Faerûn Under Siege (SKU: 72108).

Each Draft Pack includes:

  • 2 Basic Actions
  • 12 characters
  • 24 dice

Enough to field a full Dice Masters team of 8 characters with 2 or more dice each.