Forgotten Waters

Forgotten Waters

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Grab yer cutlass and yer rum, me hearties – we’re heading into Forgotten Waters! Have you ever dreamed of playing a half-board game, half-pirate RPG? Then you’re in luck: Forgotten Waters is the game for you!

Players start by creating their pirate character sheet. They’ll have their own backstory and asymmetrical player powers. Over time, you can improve your pirate stats, which see you get better at certain buccaneer skills! There’s five different scenarios to play in Forgotten Waters. Each has a modular set-up, too. There’s a range of ship roles you can play in the game, along with the individual and common team goals. There’s more replay-ability here than you can shake a hook at!

Forgotten Waters is a fantastic addition to the ‘Crossroads’ titles by Plaid Hat Games. The ‘Crossroads’ element of this game will feel familiar to those who have played Dead of Winter. In that game, players read from a Crossroads card and if said event triggered during a player’s turn. In Forgotten Waters, this deck of cards is now an app, with voice actors narrating the action. The player picks from a range of choices, and the action continues. There’s consequences to your decisions!

Gameplay involves you deciding which (numbered) tiles to sail into. These trigger the Crossroad options. The game also comes with a book with different locations, corresponding to your decisions. Each one has worker placement spots, which entice players to explore or speak to the captain. But also you have to consider things like: how will you feed the crew?

Forgotten Waters offers a magical sweet spot between strategy and a roleplaying game. It encourages silliness, laughter, as well as interaction with a colourful, fun-filled world. A pirate’s life for ye? Yar!

Player Count: 3-7 players
Time: 120-240 minutes
Age: 14+