I Am Zombie Play Kit

I Am Zombie Play Kit

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Enter the toxic world of I am Zombie with the Play Kit - a dramatic new kind of storytelling RPG for 2+ players. This box is packed with all the gear and tools you need -scores of ID cards, brainz dice, and bump chips- to tell thrilling stories with visceral impact in the hidden world of the toxic!

With sleek streamlined rules, simple character creation - "just pick five cards" - and board-game style play, this deluxe boxed set has everything you need to get started with one of the most innovative, yet effortless to learn-n-play, RPGS ever.

Inside, you will find :

32-page axioms book, detailing character creation, dice rolling, mooks and bosses, and everything else you\'ll need to play the game. (Tabletop and LARP rules.)
A complete collectors set of 8 large (14mm) custom, high-impact "Brainz dice"
Two decks (108 cards) of full color, double-sided (warm vs. cold) ID cards to create your characters. "Just pick 5 cards".
A super-deluxe, hardback, embossed character journal with 2 card pockets, hundreds of entries for character and chronicle details, and many pages of reference materials!
48 poker-chip size bump chips to add a whole new dimension to roleplaying. Not just used as chaw and brainz tokens, they also let players add twists & turns to a story.