Imploding Kittens

Imploding Kittens

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Imploding Kittens expansion from Exploding Kittens provides additional gameplay to the base game.

The pack comes with 20 new cards with the immediately recognisable art of the Oatmeal and the same sense of humour.

The new cards include: additional alter the future, targeted attack, draw from the bottom and character cat cards.

The two key additions and the main reason to buy this expansion is the inclusion of the imploding kitten card. This does two things: allows the addition of an extra player and also introduces a new way to die. The first time someone draws the imploding kitten, they replace it face up anywhere in the deck. The imploding kitten cannot be defused or noped and so must be drawn and the player immediately eliminated.

The imploding kitten, when face up has a white border meaning you can see it coming so players can reverse, skip and use as many actions to ensure it is not them that are forced to pick up the card and implode. This increases the take that in game fun.

But the fun does not stop there, the other addition to the expansion is the human-sized cone of shame. Whenever a player forgets turn order or direction, a regular occurrence in games, they are forced to don the cone of shame which helpfully illustrates the direction of play, whilst making them look more than a little silly.

Imploding kittens adds a lot of fun to an already hilarious party card game that is enjoyed by many. If you own exploding kittens this is a must have addition.

Please note this is not a standalone expansion and requires the base game: exploding kittens to play.

Number of players up to 6 (with base game)
Play time 15 mins
Age 7+