Rolling Ranch

Rolling Ranch

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It's another early morning on the ranch. You wake up and climb out of bed like any normal day, only to find the sun is already over the horizon.... Wait, the sun is already rising?... The clock shows 8 am! You should already be completing the day's chores by now. What happened to the rooster?

You leave your house to check, but as soon as you step out, you see the devastation across the ranch. Overnight, a storm destroyed the ranch's fences and the animals fled! You must recover them.

Hopefully they haven't gone too far. Now, you must set out to repair the fences and retrieve them from the nearby forest.

With a pencil and a Ranch Sheet, players use the results of a dice roll to rescue animals and improve their ranch.

Each player attempts to place animals in their ranch the best way possible, and construct buildings to receive bonuses that will help them achieve the highest score.

Everyone plays at the same time! Who will rescue the most animals and be the most successful rancher?