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SeaFall is the third legacy game from acclaimed designer Rob Daviau. It was also the first legacy game that he created from a brand new concept, unlike Risk Legacy and Pandemic Legacy Season One, which were based on existing games. Plaid Hat Games, known for the quality of their components and visuals, brought the game to life.

Like other legacy games, every game of SeaFall will be different as the same group of players progress through a story driven by their decisions. The backdrop of the story is an Age of Sail: an era of exploration and adventure that sees players casting off from their home provinces in search of new lands. Using the four guilds - Merchants, Builders, Explorers and Soldiers - your group will sail, explore, trade and raid to grow your influence in never before seen lands.

Rolling dice to accomplish a series of endeavours, players will explore and raid to gain treasures. This doesn’t come without risk, as failing in your endeavour could leave your ship damaged or even sunk. Damage and loss will set you back, but the game is by no means over. Playing across more than a dozen connected games means that there will always be a way to bounce back.

Of course, rolling dice isn’t all there is to it, but we wouldn’t want to ruin any surprises. The beauty of a legacy game - especially one designed by a master like Rob Daviau - is that the game will evolve and change as the group plays and makes decisions. Your final play will look completely different from the first and will be played in ways that you couldn’t even imagine when you started out.

SeaFall’s theme of discovery and venturing into the unknown is fitting for a legacy game, as that’s exactly what players are doing as soon as they open the box. 

Players: 3-5
Playing Time: 120-180 minutes
Age rating: 14+