The Storymaster's Tales "Spoken Adventures" Night of the Blood-Wolf

The Storymaster's Tales "Spoken Adventures" Night of the Blood-Wolf

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The Storymaster's Tales "Spoken Adventures" is designed to be super quick and easy to play.  

Open the Game-Map pouch, and scan your QR code. This will spark to life the app that will breathe life into your Game-Map. Listen to the Storymaster, then interact with the adventure. Make your choices, choose a path, find adventure, meet characters, and become part of the quest. The app will keep a record of your health, items, and achievements. 

Using the Game-Map, you will be transported into an incredible audio adventure. Perfectly designed to play at any time from home or on the move.  From ages 6 to adult, you can enter the fantastical world of the Storymaster's Tales folklore fantasy. 

The Game-Map moves one character around the map and is designed as a solo adventure. We do, however, find that groups like to play together, making shared choices to the fate of your hero. 

Players: 1+

Ages: 6+