Tokyo Ghoul The Card Game

Tokyo Ghoul The Card Game

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In Tokyo Ghoul: The Card Game, you must struggle against your ghoulish opponents in a battle for power and survival. Can you become the top ghoul in a deadly turf war, as you recruit allies, unleash enemies, and deviously plan your next move against your rivals?

Based on Tokyo Ghoul, the hit anime and manga sensation, Tokyo Ghoul: The Card Game allows you to build a deck of your favorite ghouls in a strategic game of pitched battles where only the strongest survive.

The bulk of the decks contain Ally Cards. These cards represent the various characters you will use to further your aims of victory, or prevent those of your opponents.

Strategy Cards represent specific actions you or your allies might take during the game.

While you are battling your opponents for control of the streets of Tokyo, there are several Enemy Cards that seek to stop you!

There are two other types of cards, Ward and Location Cards. Ward Cards describe their Ward Deck so you can decide which Wards you’ll draw your cards from. Location Cards represent the key locations of the various Wards.