Viktorias Core Box Malifaux 5E

Viktorias Core Box Malifaux 5E

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Freedom's a lie sold to fools who will bury whatever sod you're sellin'. You'll have an easier time holding the sun in the palm of your hands than finding true freedom. Many of the Outcasts once bought into the well-groomed sales pitch, chasing imagined diamonds. But now that they're no longer wanted to wander the city, these renegades have become what many had already assumed them to be: outlaws on the run, pushed away by the society that chooses to misunderstand them. As long as there's a lawman, there will be those that oppose them, those that ignore them, and those that defy them. It won't be some blind bull that dictates what's right or wrong. To an Outcast, the decision to charge toward or escape from their destiny is theirs and theirs alone.


  • 2x Viktoria Chambers
  • 1x Vanessa Chambers
  • 3x Ronin

Please note:

  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.